Quality Minimize

To ensure total conformity and customer satisfaction, Quality Management is paramount.

Through documented and controlled procedures, Potters Europe can achieve monitored processes and gain ultimate control from both a Quality and Safety perspective. Our ISO 9001 certification demands that all applications are carefully adhered to with specific consideration to customer requirements.

Our criteria for total compliance are secured in our Quality Manual, which is reviewed and amended in accordance with ISO revisions and company processes. Controlled guidelines and forms are regularly monitored for changes and efficiency to ensure that we can meet our customers requirements. The manual is distributed through all sites to gain complete comprehension. Our "Total Quality Management" scheme is understood on an international level in order to reach common goals and achievements.

Experience is a major asset. Technical training and competence testing is critical in ensuring qualified technicians. Quality Issues are also emphasised, and regular audits, both internal and external, prove our capabilities are documented and verified. Through the issue of release certification, customers can be assured that material is carefully inspected and batch controlled. Additionally, processes are supervised from start to finish to eliminate defects and to record progress.

We at Potters believe that achieving control over Suppliers is vital. Through Vendor Surveillance and Ratings, we can establish competent suppliers, reducing the risk of reject materials and non-compliance. One of our major break-throughs was the establishment of Northern Cullet, our main supplier of raw material in the U.K, which we have incorporated into the Potters team to ensure reliability and control.

Similarly, regular monitoring of test and calibration equipment is essential when working with detailed specifications. Our qualified Quality Engineers document and review calibration systems and results, relating consistently to International Standards and regulations therefore minimising non-conformance occurrences.

Reaching and exceeding requirements and continually improving our service is important to Potters, and we believe that Quality Management is the route to progress and ultimate customer satisfaction.

To view our ISO Quality Certificate click on the links below: BS EN ISO 9001:2000


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