Finishing with Potters Impact Glass Beads Minimize

Finishing with Potters impact glass beads

Impact blasting with impact glass beads creates a wide range of finishes that are easy to reproduce. Special effects can be created efficiently with simple masking procedures. High points are blended, pores are sealed and the resulting finish offers the advantages of glass bead Peening - increased resistance to fatigue and stress corrosion cracks.

Features and benefits of Potters impact glass beads:

  • Correct size available for virtually any desired surface profile
  • Consistent bead size and density, resulting in easily reproducible finishes
  • High degree of roundness. The inherent strength of glass spheres resists breakage. Efficient consumption means costs are kept to a minimum, and ensures consistent results of the finishing procedure.
  • Smooth and chemically inert. The use of glass beads eliminates superficial irregularities and preserves critical dimensions. Chemically inert, glass beads do not react with the metal finish or leave any residue


  • Create a broad range of decorative finishes
  • Blend finishes and cover surface defects
  • Etch printing plates, dies, presses and moulds
  • Impart a non-glare surface on products
  • Decorate finished products
  • Finish rebuilt equipment
  • Remove defects from moulded parts 


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