Deburring with Potters Impact Glass Beads Minimize

Peening with Potters impact glass beads

Glass bead Peening increases the life of metal parts by inhibiting fatigue and stress corrosion cracks. The hammering action of the glass beads overlays tensile stresses with a uniform surface layer of compressive stress. This 'skin' created by the Peening action reduces the tendency of the treated surface to develop stress cracks and stress corrosion. Peening allows engineers to design smaller, lighter components that offer performance equal to heavier, unpeened parts.

The use of precision glass bead media, coupled with appropriate process controls, ensures that the peened part meets design and performance specifications.

Features and benefits of Potters' Ballotini® impact glass beads:

  • Uniform particle size. Uniform bead sizing is the first step towards ensuring consistent process results.
  • Uniform particle density. Solid glass beads assure consistent results and low consumption rates.
  • inert, environmentally pure material. Glass beads will not contaminate the work surface or the delivery system. The use of metallic media may cause ferrous pollution and necessitate surface passivation
  • High degree of roundness. Spherical glass beads result in negligible removal of metal, thereby preserving the critical tolerances of precision components.
  • Low and medium intensity Peening achievable


  • Peen turbine blades, gears, shafts, cutting tools and other precision parts to reduce size and increase resistance to fatigue and stress corrosion and cracking
  • Protect welded structures, pipes, and joints from stress corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement
  • Form metal parts to shape and strengthen components simultaneously
  • Increase lubricity for machine parts such as piston heads and cam shafts
  • Harden exterior vehicle panels, propellers and hulls to reduce fatigue, stress corrosion and cracking 


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