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Potters Ballotini® Impact Glass Beads for metal finishing

Modern metalworking demands efficiency, quality, and cost-effective results.

There can be no doubt that glass beads are the world's most popular air-blasting media for cleaning and conditioning surfaces. The unique characteristic of glass beads blasting is that surfaces are cleaned, deburred, decorated and 'cold-worked' without etching or removal of basic surface material and without imparting ferrous or other undesirable residues. In addition, the inherent strength of a glass beads is such that it can survive multiple impacts, allowing for economies of continuous recycling. Consumption or breakage of glass beads averages only about 3% per cycle.

Impact process engineering relies on the proper balance of several variables, including the nozzle diameter, distance from the work surface, angle of application and the force (air pressure) of delivery. The final and most important element of control lies in the size and quality of the glass beads itself. Consistent quality and adherence to specifications is essential. Potters' impact glass beads are tested to ensure that all specifications are met in full.

Potters solid glass beads offer significant advantages as impact media. They:

  • Are consumed at a slow rate and can be continuously recycled, which makes them environmentally efficient
  • Will not contaminate the metal being treated. They are inert and chemically pure, which makes them clean and environmentally safe
  • Impart a controlled, clean finish on a variety of metals, causing less surface damage than traditional grit and sand
  • Clean quickly
  • Work without any significant metal removal, preserving critical thicknesses of pipes, ducts and turbines etc
  • Carry a COSHH Assessment low-risk rating.


As the world leader in glass bead impact technology, Potters is continually developing and refining its manufacturing procedures to ensure consistently high quality glass spheres, which are tested to conform to every market specification.


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