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Spheriglass® solid glass spheres

Potters' entry into the polymers market began in response to requests from manufacturers seeking ways to improve product performance and reduce costs. Potters Europe identified solid glass spheres as a viable replacement for resins.

In a wide range of applications including automotive, domestic materials, chemical, electronic and engineering industries, plastics engineers have found that thermoplastic resins filled with Spheriglass® solid glass spheres improve mould flow and enhance the physical properties of the polymer. Mould shrinkage and warpage are improved, as are plastic melt viscosity, oil absorption and surface finish.

Spheriglass® solid glass spheres are light, hard, have a high crush strength, as well as an excellent chemical and temperature resistance.

Once Spheriglass® solid glass spheres have become part of the material, they reduce wear in process equipment, creating huge savings in manufacturing costs.

Spheriglass ® solid glass spheres fully comply with European Directive 90/128/EEC (now consolidated in European Directive 2002/72/EC) enabling their use without restriction in Food Contact Plastics.


Spheriglass® Solid Glass Microspheres Product Range


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