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Potters Hollow Spheres have developed a world-wide reputation for improving product performance. Developed originally to extend plastic compounds, Hollow Spheres are now widely used in diverse applications such as industrial explosives and as performance additives for the refractory and ceramic industries

While solid glass spheres have a density comparable to that of competitive solid fillers, hollow spheres offer the same benefits at only a fraction of the density of commonly used resins. It only takes a small addition by weight of Hollow Spheres to displace heavier materials. They simultaneously add volume and reduce density. Additionally, they can save material costs; on a volume basis, microspheres are a fraction of the cost of resins. High loading of Hollow Spheres can be achieved without unacceptable increases in viscosity

Potters Hollow Spheres are simple but versatile. Essentially, they are cells made to controlled dimensions. Each cell contains air. Spheres have thin walls, relative to their diameters and provide a hollow space. The result is a light-weight material with the potential to enhance the properties of a wide range of products.

These microspheres are available in many particle sizes, densities and strengths to meet your specific requirements and are fully compatible with polyesters, epoxies, phenolic resins, urethanes, plastisols, thermoplastics and latex; concrete and other building materials…

Hollow micro-spheres are lower in density than mineral fillers and need special handling. During transfer, metering and mixing processes. Some simple precautions will guard against product attrition from the breakage of individual spheres

Potters Europe offers Hollow Spheres in various compositions such as Q-Cel® Ultra-Light Weight Reducing Hollow Microspheres and Sphericel® Ultra-Fine Weight Reducing Hollow Glass Microspheres


Potters Hollow Spheres

Q-Cel® hollow microspheres

Q-Cel® Hollow Microspheres are made from a proprietary sodium borosilicate composition. Whilst they have the very effective geometry of solid glass spheres, they are very light.

With densities ranging from 0.14 to 0.70 g/cc, Q-Cel® Microspheres reduce the weight of plastic parts and composites. They reduce tool wear and improve finish on automotive body putties and tooling compound. Fibreglass laminates and cultured marbles benefit greatly as does synthetic foams

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Sphericel® hollow glass microspheres

Sphericel® Hollow Microspheres are made from a very strong waterproof proprietary glass composition. They provide all the benefits of solid glass microspheres plus the ability to reduce part density. Sphericel is designed to withstand high pressures and shear. The extra fine size distribution gives enhanced properties to thermoplastic and thermoset parts as well as to paints and other applications.

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Sphericel MSDS


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