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Glass beads as functional fillers for enhanced properties in Thermoplastic & Thermoset systems.

The use of additives is a common practice. What caused fillers to be added to materials in the first place was the quest for lower costs. Conventional fillers are inexpensive, thus using them would make the material cheaper. Nowadays, costs reduction though still critical, improving processing and material costs achieving the desired engineered properties of the final product has become the most important consideration for using fillers in formulating composite materials

The desired improvements can be achieved by engineering the key characteristics of the filler, such as density, hardness, strength, particle size, reactivity, shape, etc. as such, Solid and Hollow Glass Microspheres are unique additives for thermoplastic and thermosetting resin systems and helps formulators in Automotive, Aerospace, Chemical, Electronic, Industrial, Engineering and other industries using Microspheres to enhance performance and reduce reject rates in production.

Glass Microspheres are smooth, hard and offer excellent chemical resistance as well as outstanding processing and physical properties. Potters Europe can offer Solid Microspheres in both Soda-Lime (A) and Borosilicate (E) Glass and Hollow Microspheres in various proprietary compositions.

The combination of the glass composition and the Sphericel shape  „The Ball-Bearing Effect“ provides a unique collection of benefits

  • Higher Hardness _ High Abrasion and Scratch Resistance
  • Transparency
  • Chemical Inertia _ High Chemical Resistance
  • Non-hazardous
  • Compatible with EU/FDA regulations for contact with foodstuffs
  • 100% Fully recyclable
  • Good Thermal Conductivity
  • High Melting point
  • Low oil Absorption _ Low Viscosity even at Higher loadings
  • High Strength _Increased stiffness & Compression strength
  • Lowest surface to volume ratio
  • Higher loading Capacity _ Lowest Resin Demand
  • Isotropic Behaviour _ Uniformed Stress Distribution
  • Reduced Shrinkage / reduced Warpage
  • Surface Finish / Aesthetic
  • Orientation free _ No sharp edges
  • Improved Melt Viscosity _ Moldability
  • Low Cold Flow (Creep)
  • Better Packing arrangement within the Matrix _ Better Orientation & Concentration


A range of coatings is available to enhance the bonding between glass bead and polymer. Depending on the polymer used, Potters can provide the right coating for a specific application.

Potters Europe Engineered Glass Materials Division


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