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LUXSIL® Cosmetic Microspheres are used as fillers and texture enhancements in many varieties of cosmetics formulations and personal care products to confer a luxurious and silky "feel" to cosmetics products such as Blush, Pressed Powders, Dry Skin Creams, Eye-Shadow, Lipstick, Makeup and many others.

LUXSIL® Cosmetic Microspheres appear as a fine white powder that becomes transparent when applied to the skin; when used in formulations, they leave behind no white residues. The light-scattering optical effect is enhanced by the hollow structure of the Microspheres to feature a superior soft focus look.

The perfectly spherical shape of these microspheres reduces the viscosity of the formulation, and the "ball-bearing" effect of the sphere flows better for a more uniform spreading and easier application.

Since LUXSIL® Cosmetic Microspheres are non-porous; they do not absorb resins or oils or any other components. It allows greater displacement of expensive resins but will also prevent the formulation from drying out prematurely.

With a density of 1.1g/cc only, LUXSIL® Cosmetic Microspheres is one of the lightest compared to conventional functional fillers. It can displace heavier bulking agents, are very economical to use and effective even at low dosage.

In many applications, the addition of Microspheres allows better utilisation of expensive ingredients like pigments. The consistent, micro-sized spheres break up agglomerates and provide more uniform distribution of individual particles within formulation. It results in improved productivity, reduced overall costs of the formulation with no compromise on product quality and performances.


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