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Hollow Spheres as Sensitizers in Emulsion Explosives

Q-Cel® Hollow Microspheres are efficient and reliable sensitizer for emulsion explosives, water gel explosives and heavy ANFO. In these ammonium nitrate formulations, Q-Cel® Hollow Microspheres delivers maximum performance for coal and metal ore mining, quarrying, construction and other blasting applications.  

Q-Cel® Hollow Microspheres act as a sensitizer by forming "hot spots" or high temperature "jets". When a blasting cap explodes next to a Hollow Microspheres, the sphere collapses, concentrating the energy and generating high temperatures, which decomposes the surrounding explosive mixture

Because the gas is encapsulated in the Hollow Microspheres, it cannot bleed out therefore making the product stable and reliable. Other systems such as whipped-in air, chemically formed gas, or low-grade products (such as Perlite) do not allow the same high degree of control and reliability as Hollow Microspheres. Perlite crushes easily while pumping and mixing and during storage may flood with liquids. Unconfined gas bubbles tend to migrate and coalesce in some system and when exposed to application environments resulting in the loss of sensitivity

Q-Cel Hollow Microspheres in Industrial Explosives 


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