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High-Index Retroreflective Glass Beads
Hi-Index glass beads offer the absolute best refractive properties available. This results in the ultimate visibility and retroreflectivity for any drop on application. High-index glass beads are used on airport runways, specialized signs and in other applications (reflective sheeting,fabrics) that require high-intensity retroreflectivity.
High-index glass beads are manufactured using a customized formulation of high-density barium titanate glass. They are clear and lead free. Their refractive index is approximately 1.90-1.92.
Flex-O-Lite has been the worldwide leader of manufacturing hi-index (1.9) glass beads for over a quarter century.

Hi-Index glass beads product range
Ultra 1.9 is a high refractive index glass beads which is designed to provide better night visibility in all binder systems.
Application: Premium horizontal road markings, vertical markings.
Visimax is a highly reflective glass bead systems providing excellent dry and wet-night visibility, line delineation and increased preview time. 
Application: High quality, valuable horizontal road markings.
TTB-1325C Grade A Type III
Our new improved specification offers even greater durability than before.
TTB-1325C Grade A Type I
Standard Low Index gradation that offers the unique retroreflective properties to areas that do not demand the best visibility.
Application: Airport horizontal markings


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