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Highway Road Markings Systems

Glass beads are an important part of road safety markings. Not only do they provide the reflectivity of markings, but they also improve their durability.

The new millennium has brought with it major influences in the way road markings are used. With more and more cars on the roads (set to rise 40% during 2001 - 2010), and with increasingly aging populations, the need comes to increase safety and safety awareness. Environmental concerns can influence the types of materials used and the way in which they are applied.

In addition, the new EN1436 European Road Marking Standard has replaced old performance criteria, and enables the engineer to specify the performance characteristics required for a particular situation. For example, he or she can choose the level of reflectivity, the luminance value, and the skid resistance. A reading in wet conditions can also be specified. The right material for the right place is available.

This though leads to an increasingly complex market, with more and more emphasis being put on quality and standards.

Potters takes great pride in the strides it has made in providing the latest solutions for markings, and also in its ongoing research and development to constantly improve its products.

Potters manufactures glass beads to suit all the various national standards, and also to individual customer specifications, for all types of marking material. Potters can recommend which glass beads are the most suitable for any situation, and offer advice on all aspects glass-bead marking. At the Potters' plant in St Pourçain, the Technical Centre specialises in technical development and customer support. The facility includes road marking application equipment and accelerated wear-testing equipment. 


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