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Electronic Packaging Applications

Potters Industries LLC is a leading manufacturer of conductive and nonconductive additives for many electronics related applications. Among the benefits of CONDUCT-O-FIL® Conductive Additives is rheology improvement, high conductivity, and cost reduction compared with solid precious metal particles.



  • EMI Shielding

CONDUCT-O-FIL® conductive additives are especially well-suited to the electromagnetic shielding requirements of commercial, industrial and military (MIL-DTL-83528C) specifications on conductive elastomers.


  • Ink, Coating and Thick Film Paste

CONDUCT-O-FIL® precious metal-coated particles are ideal for cost sensitive applications, which require maximum conductivity at a fraction of solid silver or gold particle prices.


  • Adhesive Applications

CONDUCT-O-FIL® particle sizes can be tailored to meet demanding requirements of many adhesive applications.


The variety of materials requiring electrical conductivity continues to increase, and CONDUCT-O-FIL® additives are there to meet the challenge. With a variety of shapes, sizes, and material selections, there is a CONDUCT-O-FIL® product for almost every conductive application
To see a description of our standard products please follow the link CONDUCT-O-FIL® Conductive Additives or for any enquiries within the EMEA region please contact Mr Thomas P Guenther tguenther@pottersgroup.com


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