Cultured Marble & Solid Surfaces Minimize

As early as 1973, some manufacturers of cultured marble began using microspheres to reduce the density of their sinks and panels. The need for lightweight filler gained momentum as larger vanities and cultured marble bathtubs increased in popularity. This trend enhanced the value of microspheres since they not only reduce the weight of the cultured marble component, but also improve its resistance to hydrothermal shock.  


Q-Cel® Hollow Microspheres provide many benefits when substituted for the more common mineral fillers.

  • Improved resistance to hydrothermal shock 
  • Weight reduction in the range of 20 to 35 %
  • Greater ease of finishing (drilling, sawing and sanding)
  • Less tool wear
  • Reduced packaging and shipping costs
  • Increased production through faster mould turn- around
  • Impact resistance Pigmentation value (whiter colour)
  • Reduced catalyst consumption


 Q-Cel in Culture Marble & Solid Surface Application

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