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In the past, many auto repair shops had to choose between two types of body repair putties: lightweight putty that was easy to work or conventional heavyweight putty that produced a smoother surface but was difficult to sand.

In addition to our standard putty grade Hollow Microspheres, PQ Hollow Spheres has introduced a small particle-sized Hollow Microsphere, specifically for the auto-body repair market. Putties made with these small particle-sized Hollow Microspheres maintain the smooth surface characteristics of conventional resin-talc formulations. At the same time putties formulated with Q-Cel® also offer the advantages of lower overall cost and enhanced ease of handling that characterize lightweight putties. Lightweight putty made with QCel® Hollow Microspheres consumes less resin during manufacturing and thus can be less expensive to produce than putty made with conventional fillers.


Q-Cel® Hollow Microspheres in Automotive Putties Applications 

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